Friday, 28 November 2014

Entry Form

The pre-entry form is first and foremost for those availing of the weekend price. 
If you wish to enter for only one event, please fill out the relevant sections for the event you wish to enter for and add a note stating that you only wish to enter for one event.

Please fill out the entry form, answering all portions. If you have queries, email us at

Pre-Entry Form

  • SI Card Number is required only for Sunday's event as for the Relay, SI cards will be pre-assigned. 
  • The idea of the relays is that you would run with people who went (or go to) the same university as you - if you do not know who went to your university, we can easily group you with people who did. In the case of non-Irish universities, we can also group you with other non-Irish university alumni. We hope that it will give everyone the chance to mix with people who perhaps aren't in the same local club or who they would not normally run with!

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