Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Final Details for Relay February 7th in The Curragh

Parking is by the NCOs Mess in the Curragh Camp. Grid Ref N 786 110.
Take Exit 12 to The Curragh on the M7 and it will be signposted from the roundabout. If you encounter any automatic gates in the camp, simply drive up to them and they will open automatically.

Online entry is available here and we encourage everyone to use it. This will save time for both competitors and organisers.
All teams must collect their numbers from registration before their run.
Entry on the day will be available, but please arrive early to allow time for the 700m walk to registration.
On the day entries will close at 11:00. After this time we cannot guarantee you will get a team.


There is an approx. 700m taped walk from the parking to assembly, registration and start. Please allow plenty of time for this. We ask you to arrive early, especially if you have not pre-entered!
The assembly area is reasonably sheltered and offers excellent views for spectators, so we hope you will arrive early and cheer on your team mates! There will be a place to leave bags during your run if required.

There will be tea, coffee, and sandwiches available in the NCO’s mess after the race.

Mass start for all teams will take place at 11:30. All 1st leg runners should be ready to go and entering the start area at 11:20.  You will need your number bib in order to enter the start area.
Other legs should enter change over 10 minutes before their runner arrives. There is no spectator control, but spectators will have a good view of the last part of the courses.
On entering the start area, runners will be given an envelope containing a map and an SI card.
All runners will be given an assigned SI card. Runners will not use their own SI.

Three categories are available:           
                 Leg 1,  Leg 2, Leg 3
Long:        Long,  Long,  Long              
Ad Hoc:     Med,  Short,  Long
Short Ad Hoc:  Med,  Short,  Med
Long: 5.5km, Technically Difficult
Medium: 4.2km, Less Difficult
Short: 2.5km, Easy
All courses cross a minor road, please be careful. 
Both the Long and Medium courses will be heavily gaffled (forked). The Short is not gaffled.

Scale 1:10,000
Contours: 2.5m
Descriptions will be on the map.
There will be no loose descriptions.
Long and Medium will use symbol descriptions, Short will use text.

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